Could Life be any Different?

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You may remember making a decision to follow my blog MANY months ago. Just as I remember committing to write it. In that season of life things were going along smoothly with big plans for the future. The next thing I knew, we hit a few curves in the road and were forced to slow down.

The last time I wrote in this blog, I was living in the hot, dry, but uniquely beautiful Southwest (Phoenix, to be exact). In Phoenix, there’s a short season of gorgeous days in winter and early spring, then the rest of the year is blazing hot!



Today I’m living in the lush green, humid, water-laden Mid-Atlantic (Virginia Beach). I look forward to all four seasons, fall colors, a little bit of winter, spring blooms, and summer adventures.  I love that there’s water at every turn and I can look up into a canopy of trees.

Could my surroundings have changed more drastically?

Virginia Beach Pier

At the time of my last post many of my extended family and precious friends were all around me.  They were just minutes away and I saw them regularly. Family times were priceless with three and four generations often represented. We loved to find reasons to get together with friends too, celebrating big and small milestones or just enjoying each others’ company. Here we are at my mom’s 90th birthday party.

Extended Family Photo

Now it’s my husband and I with our adult daughter and her 2 cats (until she gets tired of hanging out with us). We have a few members of our extended family less than an hour away and we’re working on making new friends, but our social life is quite different than it was.

Back then I was also between “day jobs” and working full time on Traveling with Purpose. I had BIG plans to make it into a long term full time business. Around that time I was offered a full time “day job” working for a professional sports team. My family didn’t feel like we should turn it down, so I jumped in and enjoyed it.

That season also brought the heartbreaking news that my mother-in-law was very ill.  Over the next two years we helped with her care and then with the care of my own mom. Now both of these beautiful women, matriarchs of our families, have passed away. Our family and friends have journeyed through countless other transitions as well. As we all know too well, life never stands still. Fortunately though, through all the changes we can trust in Someone that has our best interest in mind.

God's ways are not our ways

Just a few months ago, my husband accepted a transfer in his job and we were transplanted across the country.  I’m once again between “day jobs” and hoping to work more on Traveling with Purpose.

I haven’t lost my vision or my inspiration for this endeavor and I hope you’ll jump back on this train with me.  I promise that it can take us to lands that we didn’t know existed and to friends that we haven’t yet met. My passion is rekindled at the prospect of learning and growing in my travels and the opportunity to invest in causes that will enrich my soul.

I look forward to sharing all these discoveries with you and hope you’ll share your ideas and adventures as well.

The best is yet to come! Join me in the journey…you won’t regret it!

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